Membership fee 2017
Membership/annual fee is based on export turn over:

  • Under NOK 50 mill:  7 900 NOK
  • NOK 50 – 200 mill:  13 957 NOK
  • Over NOK 200 mill: 18 283 NOK

Who can be EK member?
All companies and organizations related to food packaging and food contact materials can be members of Emballasjekonvensjonen, EK. In English it is called The Packaging Convention.

Who are the EK members?
By 1st January 2017 EK has 111 members; from the food chains, the food industry and the producers and importers of food contact materials. About 30 of the members are from outside Norway.

Membership obligation
As a member one has obligations according to the articles of the association. One important obligation is to use EK Declarations or similar certificates and compliance declarations based on documentation. In fact “compliance declarations based on documentation” is part of the food contact regulation for all types of materials in Norway and in several other countries in Europe. For plastic materials this is a requirement for all EU and EØS countries. Extract from the articles are obtainable from the EK secretariat.

Membership form
The membership form is obtainable from the EK secretariat.

More information
To obtain more information about EK and the EK Declaration (EK-sertifikat), please look up other pages on our web, or contact the EK-secretariat.