Membership in EK

Who can be a member?
All companies and organizations related to food packaging and food contact materials can be members of The Packaging Convention (in Norwegian: Emballasjekonvensjonen – EK).

Who are the members?
As per January 1st 2023, EK has 93 members: Large food chains, large food manufacturers, a lot of packaging manufacturers and packaging suppliers, and some producers of raw materials for the food packaging industry. Several of these members are located outside of Norway.

Membership obligations
As a member you have obligations according to the articles of the association. One important obligation is to make sure that the materials distributed by the company are fulfilling the guidelines of “Matkontaktforskriften” from Mattilsynet – The Norwegian Food Control Authority. These guidelines follows the guidelines laid down by EU, which are mandatory for all EU and EØS countries. An EK declaration is used for companies to prove that they are fulfilling the guidelines. The EK declaration is based on declarations of compliance and other documentation from all the subcontractors of the company. Another obligation as a member is to pay the annual membership fee.

Membership fee 2023
The Membership/annual fee is based on the company’s turn over and is decided at the Annual Meeting each year:

  • Under NOK 50 mill:  8 295 NOK
  • NOK 50 – 200 mill:  14 655 NOK
  • Over NOK 200 mill: 19 197 NOK

The membership fee for organizations and associations: 568 NOK, and for research institutions: 5 678 NOK. Organizations, associations, and research institutions cannot get EK declarations.

Please look at costs for the application process for an EK declaration.

Membership form
Please contact the EK-secretariat regarding an EK membership or other questions.

The membership form and EK’s articles is e-mailed from the EK-secretariat on request.