Facts about Emballasjekonvensjonen, EK (The Packaging Convention – EK)

The EK co-operation
EK is a membership organisation with co-operation between food retail chains, food industry and suppliers of food contact materials.

The EK objective
The objective of EK is to assist its members to obtain and supply safe food contact materials. The EK Declaration based on documentation is an important element to achieve this goal.

The EK secretariat is responsible for the EK-declaration. They are obtainable in Norwegian and English. An EK Declaration is based on Compliance Declaration and Documentation from producers of the raw materials, the converters and the suppliers. Migration testing or calculation is an important element of documentation and in addition identification (and quantity/concentration) of any Dual Used Additives (DUA) present in the packaging material. The EK Declaration is valid for two years. An update will reflect changes in the regulation or important changes in the composition and the production.
See more detailed description under EK-Declaration.

Documentation must be in writing, and shall comply with EU Regulations, Directives and Guidance, and national regulation and industry guidelines.
The details of documentation are related to relevant/existing requirements of the EU and Regulations and Directives, the German BfR, the US FDA, Council of Europe Resolutions, and industry guidelines and standards.

EK has 111 members by January 2017.

The EK organisation
EK is organised with a Board from the industry and the EK members. Work activities and projects to support the main objectives of the EK are initiated by the Board, and are performed by the secretariat at Nofima. If necessary, ad-hoc groups with the industry will be set up.