The membership fee/annual fee is based on the company’s total export turnover the preceding year.

Membership fee for 2023 – approved at the Annual Meeting 27th April 2023

  • Under NOK 50 mill: 8 295 NOK
  • NOK 50 – 200 mill:  14 655 NOK
  • Over NOK 200 mill: 19 197 NOK

Research institutions: 5 678 NOK
Organizations and associations: 568 NOK
Organizations and associacions cannot apply for an EK Declaration.

EK Declaration costs
The costs of an EK Declaration are related to how much time is needed for the EK secretariat to go through and control the documentation. The time use will vary according to the complexity and the quality of the documents. Normally, the cost of an EK Declaration is somewhere between 7 000 NOK and 15 000 NOK, with an average of 9 000 NOK. Complex materials with several different material can be more expensive: between 10 000 NOK and 20 000 NOK.

The costs may be higher if the packaging supplier is not familiar with the European regulations, guidelines, and requirements. The EK Declaration page describes what information and documentation is needed.

Costs of analyses
The EK secretariat is not equipped to perform migration testing needed for the EK Declaration. The required tests can be performed in-house or by experienced test labs.

EU has introduced several Specific Migration Limits (SML) in recent years. There are several methods for analyzing the specific migration but be aware that it is possible to document this by calculations as well. Assume that everything migrates through the barrier in these types of calculations or use other well-known mathematical methods. Contact your supplier and/or your sub supplier to get necessary information for the calculations.

The Overall Migration (OM) cannot be calculated and must be documented by an analytical test report. An OM-analysis from a test lab may cost up to 10 000 NOK.

EK may accept test results and calculations from the raw material producers.