Membership fee 2017
Membership/annual fee is based on the total export turnover to Norway (not only the packaging):

Under NOK 50 mill: NOK  7 900
NOK 50 – 200 mill:  NOK 13 957
Over NOK 200 mill: NOK 18 283

EK Declaration costs
The EK Declaration costs are related to our control of documentation that is forwarded to EK. This may vary according to the complexity of the food contact material and the quality of the forwarded documents, typically from ca 5000 to 15 000 NOK. Complex materials with several layers and raw materials can amount to 10.000 NOK, and in some cases up to 20.000 NOK
See under EK Declaration for information about the forms and documentation to be presented.

Costs of analyses
The EK secretariat is not equipped to perform migration testing. Required tests can be performed in-house or by experienced test labs.

Specific Migration Limit (SML) and / or restrictions are introduced in the regulation, both for monomers or stating substances and for additives. If substances listed in the plastic regulation (Regulation (EC) No 10/2011 with amendments) are used in other type of material than plastics the SML needs to be fulltilled for these material too.

The raw material producers have often conducted analyses or calculations based on diffusion models or WCC (Worse Case Calculation), or can provide concentration information. This is not always announced in their food contact statements. If not, ask for this information before requiring testing.

EK may accept test results and calculations from the raw material producers.